Your Cuddle Session: What to Expect

Cuddling as a profession is still in it’s infancy and while some people are embracing the Cuddle, others are wary of trying something they see as unconventional and untested. Despite feeling that a professional Cuddle could be something they’d benefit from, they hold off scheduling an appointment because they don’t know what to expect or how they should act.

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And while I’ve been fairly thorough in outlining some expectations in the FAQ section of the site, I’d like to take you through a typical Cuddle session so that you can better understand what to expect. Hopefully this will dispel any concerns or trepidations you might have regarding scheduling a Cuddle.

A typical Cuddle session goes something like this:

After you fill out the New Client form on my website and hit submit, you can expect a call from me within a couple of hours (you can specify the best time for me to call). During the call we’ll discuss a bit more in depth your reason for scheduling the Cuddle and what you’d like to get out of the session. This phone call is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about me and the session, and raise any concerns you might have. I also like to use this call to find out how you heard about Cuddle U. After our conversation I’ll send you a follow up email reminding you of the time and duration of your scheduled Cuddle along with my address and applicable public transportation directions. I’ll also include the address of a parking garage that’s directly across the street from my location.

Because I may have several appointments scheduled in a day, I ask that you wait in the lobby of the building if you arrive early. If you are running late, a text or phone call would be greatly appreciated. I understand how challenging navigating public transportation can be and an update on your ETA will do a lot to alleviate any stress about running late.

When you arrive I’ll answer the door in my comfy clothes. Expect a great big, warm hug! I’ll ask you to take your shoes off and if you are a brand new client I’ll have you join me on the sofa where we’ll spend a few minutes chatting and getting to know each other. This allows you a few minutes to adjust to me and the environment and it really helps alleviate any nervousness you might be experiencing. Before heading to the couch I’ll have you pay me. You can make your payment by cash or credit card.

You’ll have the choice of cuddling on the sofa, the floor (a cozy, fluffy shag rug) or on the bed. Before the session begins I’ll have you change into your comfy clothes in a private changing room and you can use the bathroom if needed. When you are finished I’ll set the timer for the scheduled Cuddle time. I’ll have light, soothing spa music playing quietly in the background. It’s important that you are not jarred awake by changes in the music.

During the actual Cuddle, I’ll ask you how you’re feeling – whether you’re too cold or too hot, if you’re in a comfortable position, etc. A Cuddle session can bring up unexpected emotions and that’s OK. In fact, it’s very common. Depending on what you’re going through in your personal life, you might find yourself suddenly overwhelmed with sadness. This happens frequently. I have tissues on hand and will hold you and encourage you to let those emotions flow through you. Being cuddled when we’re sad or in pain is often a new experience for many people and it’s an incredibly healing experience.

During the Cuddle you might also want to unburden yourself regarding situations in your personal life – like a breakup, a difficult relationship, or job worries – and this is encouraged. To have a supportive and compassionate listener can go a long way to helping you manage these stressors. My Cuddle sessions are less about the different positions we might cuddle in and more about connecting during the cuddle. When our breathing and heartbeats synch this actually regulates your nervous system and you’ll find the greatest level of relaxation. The spoon position is very popular and comforting. I’ll often lightly stroke your hair/neck/face which many of my clients find extremely relaxing. You are free to suggest any position that you’d like and that are within the guidelines barring sexual touch.

Eventually the timer I’ve set will go off and the Cuddle session will come to an end. The time will pass really quickly and my clients are always surprised when the timer goes off. If you’ve fallen asleep I’ll give you a few moments to stretch and gradually wake up. I’ll offer you a glass of water and ask you how you feel. This is a great time to give me feedback on your experience and is actually my favorite moment of the Cuddle sessions because my clients all express how wonderfully relaxed and happy they feel.

Afterwards you’ll change back into your street clothes and I’ll walk you to the door to give you one last big hug before you leave. Many of my clients are tempted to prolong this part because we’ve established a nice level of emotional intimacy and while I love that, I ask that you be mindful of my time. I do have other appointments to accommodate and while I love to connect with my clients I need to manage my time appropriately so that none of my clients are inconvenienced.

So there you go! That’s a typical Cuddle session – nothing to be alarmed or nervous about. I invite you to schedule an appointment today and find out for yourself how relaxing and healing a Cuddle can be.

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